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Legend: A – Associate B – Baccalaureate M – Masters D – Doctorate
* Indicates the institution is a Candidate at this level while remaining accredited at the other level(s)

Institutional Control
Status (Year Granted)
Public Sanction
Most Recent Evaluation Next Evaluation
Degree Level
College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas
Accredited (1975)
Fall 2016 Year One Evaluation Spring 2017 Special Report A,B
Great Basin College, Elko
Accredited (1974)
Spring 2016 Mid-Cycle Evaluation Spring 2020 Year Seven Evaluation A,B
Nevada State College, Henderson
Public Accredited (2010) Spring 2014 Year Three Evaluation Fall 2019 Year Seven Evaluation B,M
Roseman University of Health Sciences, Henderson
Private (Non-Profit) Accredited (2008) Fall 2016 Mid-Cycle Evaluation Spring 2017 Ad Hoc Evaluation B,M,D
Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village
Private (Non-Profit) Accredited (1977) Spring 2016 FRR Evaluation Spring 2017 FRR Evaluation B,M
Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno
Accredited (1980)
Fall 2016 Year One Evaluation Fall 2017 Ad Hoc Evaluation A,B*
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas
Accredited (1964)
Spring 2015 Ad Hoc Evaluation Fall 2017 Year Seven Evaluation B,M,D
University of Nevada, Reno, Reno
Accredited (1938)
Fall 2016 Year Seven Evaluation Fall 2017 Year One Evaluation A,B,M,D
Western Nevada College, Carson City
Accredited (1975)
Spring 2016 Ad Hoc Evaluation Spring 2018 Year Seven Evaluation A,B

Definitions of Institution Status
An affiliate status indicating that an institution appears to meet the Commission's conditions of eligibility and that its Application for Consideration has been accepted. Recognition as an Applicant neither implies nor ensures an institution will attain Candidate or Accredited status with the Commission.
An affiliate preaccreditation status indicating that an institution meets the Commission's Eligibility Requirements and is progressing toward accreditation. Recognition as a Candidate neither implies nor ensures an institution will attain Accredited status with NWCCU.
An affiliate status indicating that an institution meets the Commission's established standards of educational quality and effectiveness. Accredited status indicates that the institution: 1) has clearly defined and appropriate educational objectives; 2) operates under conditions by which achievement of those educational objectives can reasonably be expected; 3) is substantially accomplishing its educational objectives; and 4) is organized, staffed, and supported to warrant confidence that it will continue to achieve its educational objectives in the foreseeable future.
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