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Accreditation Standards and Related Policies
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Accreditation Standards

NWCCU Policies
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    Accreditation Liaison Officer
    Accreditation of Non-U.S. Institutions
    Annual Reports
    Appeals Policy and Procedure (updated 10/13)
    Collective Bargaining
    Commission Action Regarding Institutional Compliance Within Specified Period
    Complaints Against NWCCU
    Complaints Regarding Member or Candidate Institutions
    Conflict of Interest
    Considerations When Closing an Accredited and Candidate Institution
    Contractual Relationships with Organizations Not Regionally Accredited
    Correspondence Education
    CRAC Common Framework for Accreditation Actions
    CRAC Common Framework for Competency-Based Education
    Credit Hours
    Distance Education
    Institutional Advertising, Student Recruitment, and Representation of Accredited Status
    Institutional Response to an Onsite Evaluation Report - revised
    Notification to the U.S. Department of Education
    Public Disclosure of Information Regarding Type of Accreditation Granted, Criteria, Accreditation Procedures, Evaluation Schedule, and Commissioners and Commission Staff
    Public Notification About Affiliated Institutions (updated 10/13)
    Public Notification and Third Party Comments Regarding Year Seven Evaluations
    Record of Student Complaints
    Representation of Academic and Administrative Personnel on All Decision-making Bodies
    Responsibilities for Title IV Oversight
    Retention of Records
    Review of Accreditation Criteria (updated 10/13)
    Selection and Representation of Commissioners and of Evaluation Committees
    Significant Growth
    Student Verification and Transfer of Credit
    Substantive Change (revised 2015) - Substantive Change submissions may now be made to "" for automatic receipt confirmation.
      Substantive Change Fees
Please see Substantive Change Fee Structure here. NWCCU invoices institutions upon receipt of final proposal and confirmation of category. Change notification letters cannot be sent until receipt of the fee.

Competency-Based Education Review and Approval Requirements for Institutions

    Substantive Change Application Form (PDF) or Substantive Change Application Form (Word document) - revised 10/5/15
    Teach-Out Plans and Teach-Out Agreements
    Training of New Commissioners
    Transfer and Award of Academic Credit