President’s Corner

Statement of President Marlene Moore

March 21, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I’m happy to provide an update on the progress we are making implementing the recommendations we gathered from you with regard to instituting a staff liaison system, modifying the substantive change process, and giving advance notice for the Annual Meeting next fall.

Staff Liaisons
Our survey last fall showed that members were overwhelmingly in favor of a system in which institutions would be assigned a dedicated NWCCU Vice President. Seventy-four percent of respondents indicated favoring such a system. The staff liaison serves as the primary resource person to that institution, explaining NWCCU policies

 and procedures and drawing on the skills of other staff members to provide effective assistance and service to colleges and universities. Our system is now in place and you can find the name of your staff liaison on the website in the Tools & Resources for Institutions section.

Substantive Change
The conversations related to Substantive Change focused on the following areas: evaluating the categories of changes that require approval, aligning NWCCU categories of needed approval with federal regulations, creating online portals for facilitating communication and record storage, and reducing or eliminating fees (particularly those for minor changes). The Board has approved a new policy on Substantive Change that is closely aligned with federal regulations that will go into effect on July 1. The new policy along with a manual to guide requests is on the website in the Tools & Resources for Institutions sections. We are actively working on improving technology for institutional reporting.

Annual Meeting
The next Annual Meeting will be November 14, 2018. I’m pleased to report Terry W. Hartle, Senior Vice President, American Council on Education, Division of Government and Public Affairs, will join us to give us the latest update on the national scene. Please save the date and plan to join members, commissioners, and the next president of the Commission at this gathering.

Marlene Moore, Ph.D.
President, NWCCU