Educational Programming

Assessment Essentials: Assuring Standards of Educational Effectiveness and Quality Improvement

photo of Jillian KinzieJillian Kinzie, Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research, Indiana University and NILOA Senior Scholar

When: January 14th or 15th, 2019

Where: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Registration: $295

Assessment is the systemic process in higher education to monitor and improve student learning and program effectiveness. Although most campus educators today seem to understand the basics of assessment, and many are doing it, there remains a need to refine our practice and to advance our collective work to assure and improve educational quality. Even more, the current press to demonstrate college value, ensure equity and inclusion, and improve student learning and success, makes it incumbent for more campus educators to be familiar with the goals of assessment and accreditation. This workshop offers a practical introduction to the essentials of assessing educational effectiveness and student learning for campus educators, including faculty, staff, and administrators. We begin with a broad overview of purpose of assessment and the rationale behind the process and then shift to more practical matters, including planning and organizing assessment and approaches to generating evidence. Throughout the session, you will learn about good practices, common challenges, and pitfalls to avoid. Topics addressed will be applicable to colleges and universities, courses and the co-curriculum, general education, and professional programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Your learning will culminate in the creation of a professional development plan for deepening your expertise in assessment practice.