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NWCCU Webinar: Strategic Financing to Support Student Success: Transformational Change in Higher Education

July 22, 2020; 1:30 PM Pacific Time

Presenter: Rick Beyer, Senior Fellow, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges
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Navigating the future and finding prosperity in an era of change requires organizational leadership along with an understanding of the macro trends shaping higher education and your institution’s financial prosperity gap. In addition, and especially critical in a time of reduced budgets or organizational change, accreditation requires that every institution keeps its students as a top priority and continues to provide quality programming and student services regardless of delivery mode.

Balancing finances, addressing market trends, and caring for students is more complex today than at any other time in history. As a result of these business model challenges, higher education is now entering into an era where consolidation of the market will take place. This consolidation will happen as a result of institutional closures, mergers, affiliations, and the creation of private systems.

These and other insights will be discussed during our July 22nd webinar. This discussion will allow participants to gain insight on the following areas:

  • Learn how your institution can think three dimensionally to address short term tactical issues, while preparing the institution for a transformational journey to prosperity
  • Learn about how to calculate your institution’s financial prosperity gap
    • What are the markers of a successful path forward combining financial stability and student success?
    • Are some financial pathways better suited to support multiple financial and student outcomes than others?
  • Which financial pathway will connect best to student success as compatible outcomes?
  • Learn about the elements of revenue diversification and strategic growth building blocks as a central theme for transformation.
  • The consolidation trends in Higher Education
    • Learn about the differences between mergers, affiliations, private systems, and cooperative agreements
  • How to think about prosperity during times of uncertainty
    • How your institution can take proactive measure to position for success
  • Learn how to use a phased approach for developing transformative strategies for long-term prosperity including:
    • Areas of student success that are necessary in negotiations during financial change
    • Maintenance of diversity and equity initiatives during budgetary challenges
    • Best practices to ensure lower risks to students’ completion of their programs
    • Faculty support during financially stressful periods